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Enoki Twins

Enoki Twins

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💖 My darling Enoki twins 💖

You may have seen one or both of these mushrooms without realising they are in fact the same mushroom! The Enoki Babe on the left is wild enoki, which grows on fruit trees, it is otherwise known as Velvet Shank, Velvet Foot, Winter Mushroom and many other names. They are recognisable by their sticky, velvety texture and stunning flame colours. The Enoki Babe on the right is cultivated enoki, grown on sawdust and very popular in Japanese cuisine. They grow tall, thin and pale because they are not exposed to light, they are also known as the Golden Needle Mushroom, Futu Mushroom or Lily Mushroom. Both are stunning to look at and in flavour and an interesting example of nature vs nurture 💖

🍄 Sustainably made | Printed on 100% recycled 170gsm paper.
🍄 Sizes: 21 x 21cm (approx. 8") square
🍄 I am vegan, and so are my products 🌱

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