Folkestone Foraging Friends

We're currently working on filling this page with useful foraging tips, crafts & recipes, and upcoming beginner foraging events - check out what's available below and come back soon for more!

Things to forage in April!

  • Wild Garlic (leaves and flowers)
  • Garlic Mustard/Jack-by-the-hedge (leaves) - not suitable for those with mustard seed allergies or aspirin allergies
  • Sea beets (leaves)
  • Alexanders (stem)
  • Bramble (leaves)
  • Hairy Bittercress (leaves)
  • Japanese cherry blossoms/Sakura (flowers)
  • Magnolia (unopened flower petals)
  • Lime (leaves)
  • Red/purple Dead Nettle (leaves, flowers)
  • Chickweed (leaves and flowers)
  • Dandelions (young leaves, flowers and roots)
  • Goosegrass/cleavers/sticky weed (young leaves)
  • Gorse (flowers)
  • Sweet Violets (flowers)
  • Stinging Nettles (young leaves)
  • Three-cornered leeks (flowers and leaves)

Resources I Recommend!

  • Wild Food Uk Foraging Pocket Guide by Marlow Renton & Eric Biggane
  • Food For Free by Richard Mabey
  • Google Lense app
  • iNaturalist app