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Be Gay Do Crime

Be Gay Do Crime

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Carbon-offset shipping 100% Recycled Paper

💐 Be gay, do crime 💐

A beautiful queer bouquet! A bunch made up of lavender, violets, pansies and a green carnation, all flowers that have had significant symbolic history for queer people across the globe.

Violets as a symbol of women-loving-women, originate with Sappho who would frequently write poetry regarding women wearing crowns or garlands of violets.

Pansies were historically a symbol of men-loving-men, partially because of drag balls in New Yorks underground gay scene in the 1920s where the performers where known as "Pansy Performers" due to their colorful clothing. 

Green Carnation is the flower chosen and worn by Oscar Wilde in response and acknowledgement of the Pansy craze in America at the time. 

Lavender has an intricate and long history with the queer scene, originally a derogatory name for gay or effeminate men, it went on (the colour more so that the flower) to become a symbol of power for queer people everywhere, including (but not limited to) lavender sashes worn during the first Pride march after the Stonewall Riots.

🍄 Hand-drawn illustration of a bouquet of flowers, with digitally coloured background.
🍄 Printed on 100% recycled 170gsm paper, with high quality vegetable-based inks.
🍄 Sizes: A4 (21 x 30cm) or A5 (21 x 15cm)
🍄 See last photo for suitable frame sizes. Frame not included.
🍄 I am vegan, and so are my products 🌱

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