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Bugs & Shrooms Lined Notebook

Bugs & Shrooms Lined Notebook

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Our adorable Bug and Shrooms print in A5 notebook form! Printed on recycled paper with 48 lined sides, perfect for your home office or tucking in a bag for anytime you're on the go! They are super cute and travel sized for convenience, they would make a wonderful back-to-school addition, or gift for the stationary lover in your life.


🍄 48 Lined A5 sides

🍄 Cover-300 GSM recycled paper

🍄 Pages- 90 GSM recycled paper

🍄 30 lines per page

🍄 7mm space between lines (medium/college ruled)

🍄 Rounded corners

🍄 Staple bound

🍄 Inside back cover printed with our logo

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