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Amethyst Deceiver

Amethyst Deceiver

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Carbon-offset shipping 100% Recycled Paper

Our glorious Amethyst Deceiver Mushroom Babe has the most magical mobility aid you have ever seen! Amethyst Deceivers are a resilient mushroom, that can be found in a variety of habitats, although it prefers coniferous woodland as it likes to grow on the leaf litter of coniferous trees (her hair is dried conifer needles!) She is a small and mighty Babe 💖

🍄 Original mushroom art - hand-drawn mushroom art illustration of the Amethyst Deceiver Mushroom Babe
🍄 Sustainably-made prints - printed on 100% recycled 170gsm paper, with high quality vegetable-based inks.
🍄 Sizes: 21 x 21cm (approx. 8 x 8")
🍄 See last photo for suitable frame sizes. Frame not included.
🍄 I am vegan, and so are my products 🌱

Original Artwork by The Mushroom Babes
Eco-friendly 🌱 Body Positive 💖 Mushroom Art 🍄

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