The Mushroom Babes x Run & Fly - Frogs!

The Mushroom Babes x Run & Fly - Frogs!

Hey everyone, I've decided I need to start making a conscious effort to write blogs here, so I thought I’d start off with my recent collab with Run&Fly!

Working with them was an absolute dream of mine as I’ve been a huge fan of them for maaaany years, and even had the chance to model for them a few years back. When they asked me about creating a frog design, I was over the moon!

I knew from the get-go it had to be the froggiest design ever made, and I had this idea if it being a little scene with loads of detail so there was always something new to notice each time you look at it. I started with a pencil sketch, drawn in a cafe while my friend worked across from me. I showed it to her and she freaked out over how cute it was, so I knew I was on to something good! I worked tirelessly over the next few days to make it absolutely perfect, often forgetting to eat or sleep because I was too excited to finish it! (thanks ADHD 😅) thankfully I have the most understanding partner in the world who occasionally brought me drinks/snacks and reminded me to blink.

I’m incredibly happy with how this design came out, and the feedback me and Run&Fly have had has been more amazing than I ever imagined. Seeing them sell out in the blink of an eye was nuts, i barely even had time to process what was happening! And hearing people claim it’s their favourite design ever is the most heartwarming feeling and definitely motivates me to create more adorable patterns! Watch this space for our next exciting collab!

I also spoke to Amy at Run & Fly for a quick New Artist interview on their website if you want to check that out:

I am now living in my frog dungarees forever, and seeing everyone enjoying their froggies and posting cute pics makes my heart happy! 

Look at these cute humans wearing my frogs!


@msgandponcho Green outfit of the day brought to you by frogs and overalls #teachersoftiktok #fyp #ootd #overalls #endoftheyear #runandflydungarees #frogs ♬ original sound - Ms. G and Poncho








More frogs?

If you need more adorable froggy art in your life, check out my Froggy Food Collection 💖

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